Ancient Silk Road Glass Cabochon, 8.51ct


Estimated Value $200-$250
  • 8.51ct,    15.12x12.82x6.32mm , from Northern Israel.

The younger sibling of Ancient Roman glass - Silk road glass from Kushan Empire is incredible mix of iridescence and history. 

This incredible cabochon comes from a shard of vessel. I tried to work with it as delicately as I could and there are some imperfections on the dome. The back of the cabochon has iridescent layer of natural patina - created by soil, bacteria and gas influence while the vessel has been buried in the ground.

The glass cabochon works like a lens and magnifies the color on back. Glass itself has typical air bubble inclusions, common in ancient glass pieces.

*Please note, that this material should be handled with care. Sweat, oils and other liquids turn the patina translucent. I would recommend to set this cabochon in closed back jewelry, as well as not to use glue, while setting.

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