Mismatched Pair of Colorful Dark Opals 1.91tcw from Lighting Ridge, AUS

¥50,200 JPY
  • Larger opal - 1.03ct,  10.21x7.59x2.06
  • Smaller opal - 0.88ct,  8.40x8.10x1.95mm from Lightning Ridge, Australia;
  • Brightness: 3 of 5;
  • Body tone: N5, Dark opal.

A pair of Australian dark (semi-black) opals with orange play of color. Both opals are cut from the same piece of rough and will work great together or in separate projects. They might be used in mismatched earrings, combined in pendant etc.

*This opal polished by Līga from Liga's Opals & Gems.

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