Colorful Ethiopian opal, 4.75ct

I have a small stock of great grade Ethiopian opal rough and I slowly have started to cut it. Ethiopian opal is volcanic origin opal with hydrophane properties and when in contact with water it will absorb it. After cut and polished, I leave them to dry for few months.

This is a wonderful example of Ethiopian opal beauty with rich red, golden and green colors. 

  • 4.75ct, 14.87x11.68x6.04mmfrom Wollo, Ethiopia;
  • Brightness: 2.5 of 5;
  • Bodytone: N8, Light crystal opal.

*Please keep in mind, that Ethiopian opal requires a special care and should not come in contact with any kind of liquids as it might change it's tone or even loose the play of color. Clean it with dry soft cloth and take off before any water activities!

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