Mixed body Purple Crystal Opal, 7.63ct from Lightning Ridge, AUS

Estimated Value $250-$290

  • 7.63ct,   15.0415.01x5.53mm from Lighting Ridge, Australia.
  • Brightness: 2 of 5;
  • Crystal opal with darker and lighter areas and with natural inclusions and some imperfections.

This is one of kind opal with purple play of color. A lots is happening in the stone - there are curious inclusions, and body tone goes from light translucent to dark. I cut this beauty in a round shape, I think its appropriate for any type of jewelry and might be also wire wrapped.

Please note that my camera is capturing more blue light than it is visible with human eye and appears as ghost purple in photos and videos.

*This opal is cut and polished by Līga from Liga's Opals & Gems.

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