Ancient Silk Road Glass, 2.11ct from North Israel

Estimated Value $75-$100
  • 2.11ct,  14.02x7.61x2.48mm

The younger sibling of Ancient Roman glass - Silk road glass from Kushan Empire is incredible mix of iridescence and history. Iridescent patina has developed during more than thousand years, while the vessel has been buried in the ground. It is very unique to every vessel. The shaped glass shards can be set in jewelry or added to ancient treasure collection.

This piece comes from the shard of vase and displays a colorful patina on the front and  back. I shaped it in free form. It has typical Ancient glass bubbles in light blue glass.

Ancient glass care tips

*This piece of Ancient glass is shaped and polished by Līga from Liga's Opals & Gems.

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