Colorful Double Sided Crystal Opal, 2.97ct from Ethiopia

Estimated Value $125-$150
  • 2.97ct,  12.17x9.84x5.45mm from Ethiopia
  • Brightness: 2 and 3.5 of 5, depending on the side;
  • Body tone: Translucent crystal.

Ethiopian Opals can be a handful to cut and polish as during the process they change their looks multiple times as a hydrophane opal coming in touch with water.

That was also the case with this opal. I shaped it and positioned how I was thinking it will show up the best and only when already polished and after few weeks drying, I discovered that the back side is brighter and pattern much more interesting. So I went back and polished that side as well as it would be shame not to show it off fully.

I love how it came out, medium dome from one side and high(ish) dome from other - different patterns and colors from each side is fun and unique. Great opal to set in a pendant or wire wrap!

*Please note that Ethiopian opals require special care and should be kept away from liquids. As with other opals, the play of color also can change depending on lighting. 

*This opal is cut and polished by Līga from Liga's Opals & Gems.

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