Purple crystal opal, 3.65ct

This purple opal has one of brightest play of colors I've worked on. This opal comes from a larger piece of rough and have a smaller sister with same play of color.

It's always fun to work with larger rough and figure out the ways how to cut it, the original rough piece has yielded four opals at the moment! 

  • 3.65ct, 11.28x8.98x4.59mm from Lightning Ridge, Australia.
  • Brightness: 2 of 5;
  • Body tone: N7, Crystal opal with some dark potch webbing.

*Please note, that my camera is picking up more blue color than it is visible with human eye and purple/blue opals tend to look more bright. Frequently the best picture to assess the real color will be the one with a stone on my hand.

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