Līga's Opals & Gems

We find them, cut them, shape them, love them, sell them - are you interested in one or two?


I was born in Latvia

A charming, small country in northern Europe near the Baltic Sea. It is a beautiful country, full of forests, lakes and rivers. I learned early in my life to appreciate nature and its beauty.

Crafts goes in my family

From my earliest childhood, I was exposed to ancient artisan crafts by my family. I continued to learn about all types of arts through middle school. Eventually, I went in a different direction and ultimately got my college degree in natural sciences.

World of gemstones

Fast forward to four years ago. I was stay at home mom, living in the deep rural north of France. The word "lapidary" did not exist in my vocabulary, let alone having any idea about opals. I was doing some crafting and other projects and then just kind of stumbled into the world of gemstones… a life changing moment.

First steps

A friend from Australia sent me a "learning" parcel of rough opals and I was hooked. The rest happened pretty quickly: investing in a cabbing machine, learning as much as I could about opals, and most importantly - enjoying myself enormously. Opals were the perfect union of my artistic side and my love for natural sciences.


Life is full of surprises and three years ago, I found myself relocating to Canada. I continue to cut and polish opals, prepare custom orders and enjoy fulfilling collaborations with designers and jewelry artists. For me, it is all about providing the best workmanship.


Send us an e-mail to info@ligasopals.com, liga.kaulina@hotmail.com or just message us via our messenger.