Liga's Opal Polishing Kit for Rotary tools

¥48,100 JPY


The Opal polishing kit is meant for rotary tools for shaping and polishing opal and it contains:

  • Preshaped Australian opal parcel, approx. 7ct/6-7pcs;
  • Beginners Australian opal rough parcel, approx. 12g/60ct;
  • Diamond sanding bits, 4x to shape and preform opal, 240 grit;
  • NOVA cylinder shaped points for prepolishing, 280/600/1200/3000 grit;
  • 3/32'' Dremel collet for NOVA points;
  • Large and medium sized felt points for polishing, 4x;
  • Cerium oxide compound for finishing polish, 100g;
  • Large steel tweezers for doping and holding opals;
  • Set of doping sticks, 3 sizes, 10pcs;
  • Green cabbing wax, 1 stick, approx. 100g;
  • Non scented tea candle to heat the wax.

At the moment kits are in limited supply and I will be preparing new ones as soon as possible.

All the customers who purchase a kit will get an hour of personal instruction of how to use it.

Shipping at the moment available to European Union, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada & USA.

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