Blue Black Opal with Imperfections, 4.05ct from Lighting Ridge, Australia

¥12,300 JPY
  • 4.05ct,   13.86x9.77x5.15mm, from Lighting Ridge, Australia.
  • Brightness: 1.5 of 5, subdued, quite directional;
  • Body tone: N2, Black opal.

Great size affordable black opal with cheeky blue/purple fire showing up from some angles. It has some imperfections on the surface, but I would consider this a good opal to wrap or as a learning experience to set larger opals for new silver/gold smiths.

Please note that my camera is capturing more blue light than it is visible with human eye, this opals brightness is 1.5 from 5 and shows a bit more subdued than in photography.

*This opal is cut and polished by Līga from Liga's Opals & Gems.

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