I am a lapidary artist and mom of two wonderful kids, living in one of the most beautiful places of Canada - Vancouver Island.

Eight years ago I completely accidentally stumbled into the world of gems and lapidary. I had no clue that this profession even existed. But thankfully, conversations with smart, curious people in my life piqued my own curiosity – and some web research helped with the rest.

I connected online with opal people in Australia, who were so incredibly helpful. One new friend sent me a “learning” parcel – I still have some of it around! I started to polish by hand with sandpaper, then moved on to a dremel. 

A few months later, I made an investment in a cabbing machine. I knew immediately after the first opals I cut – this is what I want to do – this is my calling. It has not been a straight road though. I moved to a new country and took some time off to settle my family in Canada.

Two years ago, I finally felt ready to get serious about my passion. I quit my day job and devoted myself full time to lapidary work. It has been a journey of learning, fun and excitement. I’m blessed to have the most amazing customers.

Thank you for joining me on this voyage!

Liga Kaulina,